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Glamour recipe

We all hold the desire to look glamorous. Sure enough, who doesn’t want to gather adoration and appreciation for their charming looks? Is it just about wearing expensive outfits and accessories? Or is there much more to it?

Have you ever had a time you felt like a celebrity? Like you had a never ending supply of confidence, charm, and charisma?

Now let’s look into what enabled this to happen:

The most obvious factor would be your special attire that became a qualified entry after a meticulous process of shortlisting it from an ocean of outfits. Then you must have added the dramatic effect of accessories to glam up your appearance.

What followed next? This is where you acted in your own capacity to look your best to feel an air of magnificence. You might have been showered with compliments by the people who made you feel great.

Now let’s change the circumstances in the given situation and see what happens if a thing or two wouldn’t have followed the way it did.

Suppose you went out with the expectation of receiving huge compliments, but it didn’t turn out that way. On the contrary, you got disapproval for the way you showed up. Think for a moment how you would have felt. Do you think you would have felt the same amount of joy as you did when were showered with compliments?

The one thing we can conclude from this example is the importance of people’s approval and appreciation. Of course, we need to filter it at the end of the day and can’t outright reject it just because we didn’t get to hear what we wanted. When we desire to look attractive, in a way, we want to share our joy and excitement with the people who can make us feel good about ourselves. Acknowledging their opinion in a constructive way infuses a deep inspiration within us.

Let’s twist it the other way around and see how it works: Suppose, you got ready with the perfect combination of attire and accessories with help from friends?

Would you think, you could feel the same way the day you stole the show with the perfect arrangement?

It’s called the MIRROR EFFECT.

Our inner environment does get affected with the outer opinions and we do hold the power inside to influence the world on the outside!

To explain simply, glamour comes from the inspiration that we feel for ourselves. Until we feel inspired for a certain way of style, it is never going to work for us no matter how popular it stands in society. And the same way, people’s adulation becomes a great source of inspiration with which we feel motivated and driven to accomplish certain wishes and desires.

This way the cycle of admiration and inspiration rotates in and out and creates our reality, one in which we can feel glamorous.

So we have arrived at a potential formula:

(Glamour = Inspiration+Admiration)

We know that we all have a fair right to look glamorous in our own ways, and no particular code of style or fashion holds a permanent copyright. But a little help from the outside world can work wonders. It always feels good to have an opinion from alike people. Maybe something that you never thought of comes up.

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