10 Jun

Fashion stories


Memphis was a fashion designer just out of college. Clothes were his canvas, and he liked grabbing the world’s attention while making people look good. If he could start a new trend and gain some adoration in the process, he was all for it. He had come a little late to the Instagram and Twitter universes, and it had been a struggle to get noticed there. That’s when he heard about fashLOCO—it was an opportunity to be at the front line and gain the audience he deserved, all on an app tailored just for fashion. He already had more followers and friends than he ever had on Instagram, and it was a great place to chat with everybody. He uploaded a picture of his new outfit on Cynthia, one of his model friends, and she radiated. His friends and followers had to love it.


Thaily knew she had a good sense of style. She had an eye for the right outfits that brought out her best features, but when it came to matching what to wear she felt hopeless. She would often later wish she had picked another top or skirt or belt or color. Her indecisiveness seemed to work against her.
How do I always seem to screw this up? She thought.
Then she remembered voting on the shoes her friend Melanie should wear the previous day on fashLOCO. She voted for the festive sandals over the high heels. The guys predictably all voted for the high heels, but Melanie went with the sandals. The ladies were victorious again. She decided she would give it a shot to see if she could get some quick feedback. She wasn’t running late and why not? She uploaded two pictures and went to make coffee while awaiting the results. Her friends always seemed to steer her in the right direction.


Ashley saved an outfit from her friend Valerie in Phoenix for inspiration later. It was a dress with a floral design, but it had an interesting cut, periwinkle tones, and pockets. She had struck up a conversation with Valerie one night after complimenting each other on one of fashLOCO’s community pages. Valerie was a legal aide, and it was cool because she also shared her work looks.
Ashley made a mental note to show her designer friend Memphis to see what he thought. Then she noticed Thaily had just posted a this or that outfit survey (date night again?), and she voted for the less conservative look. It was the third date after all. She should live a little. She wondered what the night had in store for her.


Jeff’s friends liked to use the fashLOCO app to chat most of the time. That was cool with him because nobody knew about it. The app worked great for getting ready for the weekend and going out. They quickly could decide where to meet up, who was coming, and maybe get a little help on deciding whether to dress up or look casual before heading out. Jeff had experienced being the casual guy when Jeff and Murray had dressed to impress, with coats and stylish shoes. Women always told him shoes sealed their impression of a guy. One night a bouncer wouldn’t allow him into one of the clubs, and he tried to graciously bow out, but his friends wouldn’t allow it, and they had to settle sans dance floor. Maybe even Ashley would notice his new threads and buzz him before the night was over. They had started a conversation on a previous night after liking each other’s outfits, but couldn’t meet up at the time. Maybe tonight would be different.

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